IMMS Executive Board



  • Samantha Smith, Blue Globe Solutions, Canada (2021–2022)


  • John C. Wiltshire, University of Hawai‘i, Honolulu, Hawai‘i (2021–2022)


  • Greg Stemm, Odyssey Marine Exploration (2021–2022)

Past Past-President

  • Robert Goodden, Subsea Minerals, United Kingdom (2021–2022)


  • John C. Wiltshire, University of Hawai‘i, Honolulu, Hawai‘i (2014–2023)

Secretary (and Soundings Editor)

  • Kira Mizell, USGS, USA (2021-2022)


  • Mark Luther, USF College of Marine Science, USA (Four-year Term: 2021 through 2025)

  • Filipa Marques, University of Bergen, Norway (Four-year Term: 2018 through 2021)

  • Katsuhiko Suzuki, JAMSTEC, Japan (Four-year Term: 2018 through 2021)

  • Sven Petersen, GEOMAR, Germany (Four-year Term: 2019 through 2023)

Presidents Emeritus (ex officio)

  • Greg Stemm, Odyssey Marine Exploration (2019-2020)

  • Robert Goodden, Subsea Minerals (2017-2018)

  • Samantha Smith, Blue Globe Solutions (2015-2016)

  • James R. Hein, c/o US Geological Survey, USA (2013–2014)

  • Georgy Cherkashov, Institute of Mineral Resources of the Ocean, VNIIO, St. Petersburg, Russia (2011–2012)

  • Cornel de Ronde, GNS Science, New Zealand (2009–2010)

  • Akira Usui, Kochi University, Kochi, Japan (2007–2008)

  • Peter M. Herzig, Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences (IFM-GEOMAR), Kiel, Germany (2005–2006)

  • David S. Cronan, Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, London (2003–2004)

  • James R. Hein, U.S. Geological Survey, Menlo Park, California (2001–2002)

  • Alexander Malahoff, University of Hawai‘i (1999–2000)

  • Steven D. Scott, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada (1995–1998)

  • Charles L. Morgan, University of Hawai‘i, Honolulu, Hawai‘i (1991–1994)

  • Robert M. Owen, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan (1989–1990)

  • John Noakes, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia (1987–1988)

By Laws

Download the PDF (updated 11-17-15) of the by laws of the International Marine Minerals Society.